Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gal Pal Photos

We're going to start this site off with a fun job I recently shot. Jennifer called the studio to inquire about photographing a group of gals she was friends with during school at DePaul University. She saw my photographs in the studio windows while driving by in Lincoln Park (Chicago) and then checked out my website at www.stellalily.com

Jen scheduled a session with what ended up to be five other gal pals. We negotiated what seemed to be be a fair price for all which included the photo session, online viewing, and two beautifully retouched prints for each person. We later decided it would be fun for the girls to be able to use any image for their Myspace or Facebook.

We started the shoot with a pleasant photo of all the women on a chaise. I made sure I got a nice close-up shot of them together (these are ALWAYS fun to do).

They brought champagne and flowers as props--well the flowers were props--and we had a great time creating memorable photos with some festive poses.

Options, options, options! Bringing different clothing changes the mood and gives more options to choose from in the end. The girls changed for their single shots and I think it showed off their individual beauty and style. Mix it up is the name of the game here and making sure no two person's session look the same. They really delivered and it was such fun for me to work with them. I think it shows in the final product.

And then sometimes I shoot one for myself. One of the women had long straight hair and long thin arms. She had changed into a pretty top that had long linear lines and I thought it looked beautiful in a quiet way. (art talk) Anyway, she was gracious enough to work with me for a few shots before we did her glam photos.

We ended the session with a lot of chatting and laughter. I think they headed out for a night on the town. What a way to start!!!!

I'd love to do more of these so called 'gal pal' party photo sessions. Call or email me if you're interested. Let's face it, it lasts longer than a regular spa night out with your friends.

Hope you enjoyed the first of many entries. I plan on discussing other jobs or projects in upcoming posts. Thanks for participating in the journey!


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S Kezon said...

Your gal pal party photos should become all the rage! Great lighting, great images, fun girls.