Friday, June 24, 2011

Fountain Square Art Festival

I'll be at the Fountain Square Art Festival and the weather looks very promising! I have a great location--I'm booth number 52 right on the west side of Sherman. Last week I ran out of many of my most popular images and have been working like a dog (funny, my dogs don't do a thing--who came up with that saying?) to restock. My advice is to come early to get the best pick!
Also, I just added The Lake In The Hills Street Market July 9th & 10th. This is a first time event for them and they have been preparing for a large crowd to attend. There will be an artist's tent, antiques tent, and a farmer's market tent. I'll probably spend every penny I make at this one!
Finally, just want to say Custer Street was a total success. Thanks to everyone who came by my booth. Met a lot of very nice people and I'll for sure be back next year.

Thanks for your support--see you soon!

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bonniesworld said...

I love the teapot tiles I bought at the Custer Street Fair! Here's how they look in my kitchen.

Bonnie James